South Tyrol Guest Pass and Guest Tickets

The South Tyrol Guest Pass or the various Guest Tickets are available from the hotels participating in the project and are given exclusively to holidaymakers staying in those hotels.

These cards allow holidaymakers to travel on the complete public transport system in South Tyrol for the designated length of time, as well as - depending on the type of ticket - entry into some 90 museums and exhibitions. In most cases these Guest Tickets also allow the guest to take advantage of various offers in the region they were bought. Further information regarding this can be given from the hotels themselves or from the tourism offices in the same region.

The South Tyrol Guest Pass and the Guest Tickets need to be validated before each trip at the blue validating machines found on the bus or at the train stations. Guest Tickets which have a black magnetic strip need to be placed from above into the ticket validating machine. Tickets which do not have a magnetic strip (contactless) need to be swiped at the front of the machine. There is no need for the destination to be given for either of these types of tickets.